The members of The Exit Strategy as you may know now live in three different cities. Steve now lives in New York, Tim lives in Philly, with Mark and Tony remaining in Buffalo. Since forming in May of 2004 we have had the pleasure of playing some amazing shows in Buffalo and elsewhere. We recorded two albums so far, our first being Self Titled recorded in buffalo at Harvest Sum Studios and our second album called City of Microphones recorded with J. Robbins in Baltimore. Living in three different cities has given us time to explore other musical endeavors. Tony spends his time playing with The Failures' Union who will soon release their third record with Paper and Plastick. Mark spends his time with his new baby boy Anthony and his new project called Fences Make Good Neighbors. Tim and Steve have formed a yet to be named band in Philly. New music will be coming soon.

By the way The Exit Strategy is still a band and always will be....... Check back soon for news and updates on all our projects.